Are You Fed-up With Injustice?

This injustice can be in the Middle East, Ukraine, or elsewhere.

When we see injustice we tend to get angry with the perpetrator. We want to see justice. We might want to see certain people to be punished for their actions. But I am sure that most of us want that injustice to stop. Most of us want peace.

What can you and I do to contribute to peace and so end injustice?

I am not asking you to start or stop choosing sides. Personally, I am not choosing sides in any of the world conflicts, because I know situations are always more complicated than they seem. I am inviting you to stand PRO-PEACE . This page and my offer are my contribution to creating peace in your home and the world.

What can you do to contribute to peace?

Remember that every perpetrator has been a victim first

Hurt people, hurt people. In other words, we need to remember that perpetrators are people who are hurting. And as long as they feel hurt, they will continue to hurt others. I am not suggesting that we are to condone the injustice and the behaviour of the perpetrators. It is ok to disapprove the behaviour. At the same time it is important that we realise that through rejection of the perpetrator as a person, it is unlikely that we will see a lasting change in their behaviour.

Stop sending hate towards the perpetrator. Why would you want to do that?

Our thoughts affect two parties. The one party is the person(s) we are sending our hate (or other negative emotions) to. They are affected by it. It can dumbs them down because itwill likely keep them stuck in survival mode. They are now less likely to have the intelligence and willingness to find a new and constructive way to find a resolution for the conflict.

Your hatred also affects you more than the person you are sending your feelings to. You are experiencing the full intensity of those negative feelings. They also put you into survival mode, dumbing you down too. It makes you less creative and you are more like to fight with your loved ones too, because you're focussed on what is wrong.

Choosing sides with the people we perceive as the victims, is polarising families and communities.

Start creating inner peace and peace in your home.

We cannot give what we don't have. If we want to give peace to the world, it starts with creating inner peace. Our first step will be to let go of our hatred (or other negative emotions). Inner peace will give us our wisdom back. Now we can maybe find creative new ways to resolve the conflict. But even if there is nothing we can do personally, our inner peace will raise the vibration of ourselves, the people around us, and the world.

When we raise the vibration, we are changing the collective consciousness. And now we are more likely to see a reduction of injustice.

How can you find inner peace when you are upset?

I have two gifts for you to create inner peace.

1. 40 day access to the Atmosphere Apphirmations

Apphirmations are affirmations on steroids, because they are so powerful.

Affirmations are positive statements that we say or listen to, to give us a desired outcome. The problem is that we also have negative feelings and self-sabotaging beliefs. Where do they go when we put those positive statements in? They still linger in the background.

Apphirmations include those positive statements, but they also include many release Apphirmations, whereby we let go of those beliefs and emotions that no longer serve us.

Here are some of the results we have seen when playing The Atmosphere Apphirmations:

·       Helped people to feel and be safer

·       Reduced crime

·       Reduced conflict

·       Turned conflict into co-operation.

When you play these Atmorsphere Apphirmations softly in your home, it is as if you're spraying blessings into your home and they create a wonderful environment. This is how you can create peace, even when you are upset.

You can access to them for 40 days, without payment.

2. Life-time access to my Forgiveness course

When you are ready, you can watch a few short videos on the importance of forgiveness for YOUR health and happiness. And this will also assist in raising the vibration of the collective consciousness.

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