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Who can benefit from Apphirmations

Would you like to lower your stress and anxiety, overcome an addiction, improve your concentration, manage your weight, or overcome allergies? Are you battling with an auto immune disorder, or are your periods or menopause a nightmare? See below which subjects we address.

Did you know that you can overcome these challenges and more, by unleashing the power of your conscious, subconscious, and superconscious mind

Apphirmations make this possible. You can read more about what Apphirmations are in the About Page

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Forgiveness -The road to health and happiness

What Are The Apphirmations Topics?

Below you will find all the Apphirmations. (Specialised Affirmations) They are all included in the Apphirmations Subscription.

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Abundant Health Apphirmations

Strengthen your immune system so that you recover quicker from your illness.


Allergy Relief Apphirmations

Find relief from your alllergy symptoms


Atmosphere Apphirmations

Create a healthy and co-operative atmosphere at home or at work.


Auto Immune Apphirmations

Your ability to be healthy can come after you learn to overcome your allergy for self.


Carefree Periods Apphirmations

Reduce the problematic symptoms that many women experience with menstruation.


Confident You Apphirmations

Ideal for building confidence, reducing stress, anxiety and abuse,


Dealing with Cancer Apphirmations

To reduce fear and create a health mindset to support the healing process.


Manne-pause & Menopause Apphirmations

address the root causes of the challenging symptoms you could be experiencing


Math & Science Apphirmations

Boost your self-confidence in doing math & science , so you will do better.


Optimal Learning Apphirmations

Integrate your brain and body, so that you become calmer and focus more easily.


Optimal Weight Apphirmations

Change your relationship with food and your body, so that it becomes easier to become lighter


Overcome Addictions Apphirmations

Overcome your addiction to anxiety, worry, smoking, drinking or something else.


Wealth Mindset Apphirmations

Your ability to be wealthy changes when you change your beliefs about money & wealth.

Extra Apphirmations not included in subscription


Apphirmations for Schools

We have used the Apphirmations in schools and we have seen amazing results

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