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Below you will find testimonials from our happy clients.

Shane’s son used to get strong reactions from mosquito bites. This is what she had to say after listening to Allergy Relief Apphirmations.

Colin Sandross used to very tactile defensive. This is what he had to say after listening to the Allergy Relief Apphirmations. Years later he is still free of those allergic reactions.


Eduan Snyman IT

I picked up my cat and I did not sneeze once. I touched my eyes. There was a mild irritation, but that disappeared very quickly. No need for any allergy medication.


Liesl Percy-Lancaster

I used to get terrible pain in my kidney after eating 1 piece of orange. After listening to the Allergy Relief Apphirmations, I managed to eat a whole orange without pain.


Emma Robbins

I used to be covered in psoriasis. After a few consultations and using the Allergy Relief Apphirmations non-stop (I had a talking handbag :-)) for a few weeks, it cleared completely!


Leanne du Plessis

I am a hairdresser. During Covid I was Covid free, but I coughed a lot. I had tried everything to stop coughing. Nothing worked until I started using the Allergy Relief Apphirmations.


My husband has been listening to the Allergy-Apphirmations for a few weeks now and since then he has been sleeping better and is not taking his anti-histamine tablets anymore.


have found that since I have started listening to the Allergies-Apphirmations my eyes are not puffing up as much from dairy as before. I only have listened to 4 out of the 27.

Dr Carlien Kahl

Psychological Researcher & Educational Kinesiologist

My dad had Guillain-Barré. He had multiple treatments: started with immunoglobulin therapy in hospital. That didn’t work. Then they moved to intravenous steroids, and after that plasmapheresis. He continued with plasmapheresis after he

was released from hospital. He was to recover as tetraplegic from home (was paralysed from the neck down).

The plasmapheresis worked well together with 3x a day intensive rehabilitation exercises. He also had a drastic dietary changes (no sugar, gluten or dairy).

Feedback from biokineticist: “It normally takes a minimum of 6 months to start walking. It took less than 2 months.” They played the Allergy Relief Apphirmations for auto-immune disorders, every night at home.

The joint efforts and holistic approach WITH the Apphirmations for sure, brought about healing much quicker than without.

Dr Carlien Kahl

Psychological Researcher & Educational Kinesiologist

My mom used to be allergic to raw and processed honey. Her throat would close and she would need medical attention to reverse it. She has been listening to Hanna’s Allergy Apphirmations for 6 months. She used it especially to help her husband with his auto-immune disorder. One day after eating a rusk, my dad read the label and said “Did you know that there was honey in this rusk?” She had no reaction. Her throat was 100% fine.


I am 80+ years old . I used to see red and had sinus problems.After listening to the Allergy Apphirmations, my symptoms have disappeared.

Carol from Cape Town

I used to suffer from terrible sinus problems in June and July. I have tried so many things, but nothing worked. Since listening to the Allergy-Apphirmations, there has been a significant improvement.

Seanna's mom

Seanna, is 2.5 years old . She used to be allergic to milk allergy and citrus fruit. She would get a tight chest with flue type symptoms with a lot of mucus. She would get a rash on her bum and a very runny stomach.

Since she has listened to the Allergy Apphirmations, Seanna has been eating oranges and naartjies this winter without problems.

She also ate ice cream without reaction.

Christina Huntly - Energy Healer

I have been using this app for a few weeks. I put it on at night in my room at a very low volume and my husband sleeps in another room.

His severe allergies and sinus have improved to the point that he can smell and taste again after several years of not being able to. My allergies have also improved foretold and now change of season has been no problem for me. I highly recommend this app and I am definitely going to use another set of them too.

Andrea Riem - Educational Kinesiologist

I was telling our neighbor about the Allergy Relief Apphirmations yesterday and did the muscle check on my husband Darren for electronic devices. He is now strong while coming into contact with mobile devices. This is great because he works with electronics all the time. The neighbours (who hadn’t listened to the Apphirmations) were weakened by holding their mobile devices. Amazing – and that’s with Darren not knowing what the affirmations are for. He is also a lot calmer less stressed.

Cayleigh my 8 year old daughter wants to listen to it before she goes to sleep and while she is sleeping to make her feel better.

Kids are so intuitive so I see that as a compliment – and she wants it loud enough to hear it – with our music.

It’s really an amazing tool – thank you.


Rosetta Stuurman

I used to be a drug addict and I was in prostitution to support the drug habit. I have been in rehab before, but I have relapsed 3x. I am clean now and I live in a safe house.

The Abuse to Respect Apphirmations

(Now part of the Confindent You Apphirmations)

are really working for me. I can really tell that I’m not the same anymore, I don’t reason the same.

I’m believing more in my self worth, I’m loving myself more and spending more time with myself. I feel the fear of not making it, faded away. I don’t entertain lawlessness especially when old friends want my attention. I am stronger mentally and emotionally since started listening to the Abuse to Respect Apphirmations.

Rosetta Stuurman

Anonymous Unemployed

The abuse started after I lost my job. A few days ago I had to go to the clinic, after my husband had beaten me. I started playing the Confident You Apphirmations while my husband and I are sleeping. Within a few days, I noticed that he is calmer and getting better. I haven’t seen this behaviour in him before! I am also coping better.

Major Jooste - Before

  • Heavy bleeding would last for 5-11 days.

  • Being in the field was a nightmare. She had no access to clean water or toilets.

  • She only had a spade and the bush.Migraines were so bad that she had to carry an epi-pen.

  • On a high dose of blood pressure medication and diuretics.

  • Suffered from dust allergies for 18 years, which forced her to take allergy medication daily.

  • She was a major from hellduring that time of the month.

  • Nobody could do anything right.

  • She would miss work, because the pain was so bad that she had to lie down.No energy. But if it lasted more than 5 days, she would get into trouble for missing work.

  • Working in a predominantly male environment, made her feel depressed in insecure, that time of the month.

  • A gynaecologist had diagnosed her with stage 4 of endometriosis. He was treating her, but nothing really helped

  • She was still on a lot of medication.

  • She had the Marena IUD, to curb the bleeding. But the bleeding was still bad.


Major Jooste - After

Within 3 months of working with me, Major Jooste's life completely changed:

  • She is now in charge of her life.

  • Bleeding has stopped completely. (That is normal if you have the Marena IUD.)

  • She has so much energy, that she is even surprised.

  • Field trips are a breeze.

  • No more migraines.

  • Off all allergy medication.

  • The strength of other medications dropped by more than 90%.

  • The gynecologist was amazed and surprised how the pain had disappeared and how much weight she had lost.

  • She doesn’t need to see him again for her endometriosis. (Unless she has an unexpected flare-up)


Andrea Riem

Educational Kinesiologist

Andrea Riem’s daughter is 14 years old. Every period she had in the last two years, came with excessive pain. She also would be very emotional for a few days. Andrea was feeling helpless when she saw her daughter suffer every month. But she didn’t allow her daughter to use hormones or strong pain killers, because she is still so young.

Her daughter had listened to the Carefree Periods Apphirmations for three nights only when her first period came. They didn’t expect to see any results so soon. To their amazement, there was hardly any pain and she was in a great mood. Andrea and her daughter were thrilled!

Months later she is still doing very well.

Cindy (name is changed)

Cindy was working from home, but she couldn’t do much. She was in so much pain. Her eyes were only half open. When she walked, she moved so slowly. All she wanted to do, was sleep. This was the perfect example of presenteeism. She was at work, but no productivity.

I suggested that she immediately would start listening to the Carefree Periods Apphirmations. She played them very softly in the background. Within a few hours she had so much more energy. I could actually see a spring in her step.


Sam‘s periods were so painful that she needed schedule 7 painkillers. She would miss work every month, because of the pain. All she could do is lie in bed in a foetal position. After she used the Carefree Periods Apphirmations she didn’t need those painkillers anymore.

Sarah v d Heever

Beauty Therapist

Sarah had to cancel her appointment with me, because she was not feeling well. She listened to Immune Booster Apphirmations for nearly 24 hours and the next day she was ready to reschedule the missed appointment. Watch this short video to hear how her voice changed overnight.

Emile Saad

The beginning of March 2020, I had all the Covid-19 symptoms, cough, runny stomach, trouble breathing and a high temperature. I wasn’t tested for Covid-19, because tests were not readily available and still very expensive. I was sent home with an antibiotic; in case it was something else. m

My condition did not improve for three days. I planned to go to the hospital on day four, if I didn’t improve overnight. I started listening to the immune System Apphirmations on the end of day three. By the morning of day four, I was feeling significantly better, so I didn’t go to hospital. Within 3 days I was symptom free and I am still i symptom free.

Candice Saad-Huntley

I am Emile’s wife and I had a headache and my whole body was aching. Normally when I have symptoms this severe, I end up going to the doctor. I started listening to the Immune System Apphirmations, together with my husband. Within a few days, I recovered completely without any medical assistance. This had never happened to me before!

Samantha van Zyl

The Immune System Apphirmations assisted me with relieving my flu symptoms from the first day of using the App. After just 3 hours of sleep and the app playing in the background, I could already feel that my sinuses and chest were not so tight. After 3 full days of using the app I was back to normal and I didn’t need to take antibiotics.

Serisha Moodley

I wasn't feeling well. I had flu like symptoms. I had to chair an important meeting the next day and I was afraid that I would miss the meeting, because I was feeling terrible. I started listening to the Immune System Apphirmations and within 24 Ifelt so much better. And I manage to chair the meeting perfectly. I did not develop any flu symptoms after that.

Elmarie Lambourn

This is What Elmarie Lambourn from Dazzling Gem had to say after using the Carefree Periods Apphirmations.